My name is Jörg and i build custom surfboards by hand from start to finish and I focus mainly on the quality and functionality of the final product. I started building my own boards in my small garage in Castelldefels, out of necessity and curiosity. 

My intention is to keep it simple yet effective: I want my boards to be as polyvalent as possible while using the designs and ideas of both, Californian planning and displacement hulls, Minisimmons derivatives, the constant evolution of twin fins and everything that combines practical and function. But above it all, my main goal is to build a board that is 100% custom, meeting the desires and necessities of the surfer. 

I was very lucky to be introduced to surfing as a 6 year old child while living in South America, and even though i was forced to live away from the Ocean at times, I never lost my love and interest for that fascinating activity that surfing is and everything that involves it. During the Pandemic I was fortunate enough to share a space at HAV Surfboards workshop in Barcelona, where my work methods changed due to volume but the idea and concept behind Culnucorp stayed true to what I had started in my garage: to build unique and personalized surfboards that meet the surfers demands. 

Due to personal reasons and a strong case of no waves in the med, my family and I relocated to western Cantabria in northern Spain, in the vicinity of San Vicente de la Barquera, where I continue to build boards from start to finish from my little workshop. Nothing has really changed, apart from the fact that I can really try out new ideas and put them to practice. 

Every person lives and feels surfing in a different and personal way, but there is a constant that brings them all together; the objective is to have fun. And that has always been the idea behind Culnucorp.