Single & Midlength

It has not been until recently, that single fins and midlenghts have been rediscovered.
It´s no longer a secret, that a longer singlefins or midlengths can be great fun to surf if used in the right sizes and conditions.

Being longer and usually wider boards, paddling into waves is an easy task, which usually helps to experience comfortable and stable take offs and great acceleration as soon as you are standing on your feet. Thanks to the longer single or central fin, turning the board is simple due to its pivoting effect. I usually shape them with convex/belly bottoms, emulating early Californian hulls. If you’re looking for a longer board, but are not quite convinced to go after a nose rider or a real glider, this could be the perfect alternative, since it provides similar glide and the sensation of a long board yet it does not sacrifice manoeuvrability.